Updated plans to develop the Old Malling Farm site.


TopHat and our partners are looking to deliver 226 new homes at Old Malling Farm.

We are consulting on the new plans that we have started to develop and would welcome your feedback. We will be holding public consultation events 1st & 3rd June, or you can leave feedback via this website. Can’t make an event? You can view our proposed plans below.


Upcoming Public Consultation

Cliffe Hall 28 Cliffe High Street, Lewes BN7 2AH

  • June 1, 2023

    2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

  • June 3, 2023

    10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Architectural Drawings

Please see below the initial proposed layout for the Old Malling Farm site.

  • TopHat's approved site layout for Old Malling Farm
  • TopHat's proposed site layout for Old Malling Farm
  • Detailed birdseye view of TopHat's proposed site layout for Old Malling Farm


As the homes are all intended to be delivered for local people, we want local residents to have an opportunity to share their views.

The new scheme will deliver 100% net zero carbon homes, which means that they will all be affordable to heat for the resident and won’t create a negative environmental impact. We also intend to have a minimum of 50% affordable housing, with residents allocated by Lewes District Council. The remaining 50% of the homes will be for key workers in Lewes, at a discount to market rent.


  • 01

    Net Zero Carbon

    A scheme that is not only net-zero carbon, but also delivers against the requirements of ultra-low embodied carbon showcases good quality architecture.

  • 02


    Delivering a high-quality design that embraces modern delivery methods to ensure a highly environmentally sustainable neighbourhood and least disruption to local residents.

  • 03


    A landscape and ecosystem services-led approach development that incorporates aspects of the character identified in the Landscape Analysis, is clearly read as part of Lewes, and responds to and celebrates its countryside setting in the National Park and Ouse Valley.

  • 04


    Conserving and enhancing biodiversity, enhancing and linking green infrastructure, and bringing people closer to nature through generous urban green and blue infrastructure amongst the houses in the form of, for example, street trees, rain gardens and native hedges.

  • 05

    Public Realm

    Creating high quality, clearly defined public and private spaces within the public realm, resulting in a mixed community with multi-functional. Adaptable and inclusive spaces providing homes where people are encouraged by their environment to engage with one another.

  • 06

    NMU Network

    A scheme that is accessible to both the town centre and the surrounding countryside via non-motorised routes, and provides safe, attractive and easily accessible networks of paths and cycle ways around the site.

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Take a look at our commonly asked questions below or view all our FAQ’s by following the link below.

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    Where are TopHat homes made?

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