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We are taking this into consideration and it is currently being reviewed.

  • 01
    How are you addressing the needs of those with mobility issues?
  • 02
    How can we buy or rent a property on the development?
  • 03
    How much parking will be on the development?
  • 04
    Is the site at risk of flooding?
  • 05
    What sustainability measures are being included on the development?
  • 06
    What will happen with pedestrian and cycle pathway?
  • 07
    Who will manage / maintain the site?
  • 08
    Will there be affordable housing, if so what’s the percentage?
  • 09
    Will there be green space / allotments, how will this affect the current trees and wildlife?
  • 010
    Will the development cause lots of traffic? / Will the use of offsite construction increase the amount of traffic?
  • 011
    How will the development impact the access to and connectivity to the railway line?